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Round 01: Information
community [britta]
alhemilla wrote in period20in20
Information, Themes, and Table
▪ If you do not think you will be able to participate, due to any circumstances, PLEASE post comment to this entry
▪ You must submit your OWN work.
▪ All icons must fit LJ standards. Animation is not allowed.
▪ Icons must be kept to a level of PG-13. Unsure? Ask.
▪ If you are linking back to your journal or community: ALL POSTS MUST REMAIN PUBLIC UNTIL WINNERS ARE POSTED.
▪ Three teaser icons.
▪ PARTICIPATION BANNER: If  you want one, say so! Otherwise, you will not get one!
▪ Try and comment on other peoples entries.

TAGGING YOUR ENTRIES: please don't tag your entries. A mod will do that for you.
SUBJECT LINE: round one: your claim

Themes |10| barely there, border, close crop, dramatic, looking up, outside, pretty, reading, surprise, two tones
Category |5| In The Spotlight: all icons should be center-cropped
Artist's Choice |5| Self-Explainatory


Good luck to everyone! If you have any questions or need a theme let me know

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for barley there, does that mean for example an icon with a subject that is like far away or?

and two tones means two colors?

*can't wait to start*

barley there same as negative space only with less % of subject
yeah two tones is the same as two colors

Is it just me or is something wrong with this table? *need a little help* :)

There are the wrong themes in the table or am I doing something wrong!? :)

I'm really sorry, but I'm unable to finish the set till tonight :(

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